Welcome to Industrial Chem Solutions, Inc.

Industrial Chem Solutions, Inc. ("ICS") is a specialty chemicals solution provider that combines safe, environmentally friendly chemistry and effective application equipment. Most importantly, we work with our customers to provide the highest level of service without the expensive price tag.

ICS manufactures several products like Asphalt Release Agents (ARAs), Industrial Cleaners Solvents and Lubricants, Environmental Remediation Gels/Films, Odor Eliminators and Consumer Friendly cleaners. Our products have a wide range of uses, including construction, environmental remediation, hazardous materials clean-up, nuclear decommissioning, industrial cleaning, and odor control.

Why Industrial Chem Solutions

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Our Products

Asphalt truck needing an asphalt release agent to be cleaned

Asphalt Release Agents

Tar ridden industrial equipment needing tar removal

Tar and Asphalt Removers

Engine being moistened with an ICS industrial lubricant

Equipment Lubricants

Trucks that are using the ICS product, Cold Load Release agent

Cold Load Release Agents

Industrial concrete equipment in need of Form Peeler, the form release agent

Concrete Form Release Agents

Concrete ridden concrete truck in need of Krete Wash, the concrete release agent

Concrete Removers

Decontamination gel, Decongel, decontaminating a concrete surface

Strippable Remediation Gels/Films

A person cleaning a surface with an ICS industrial product cleaner

Industrial Cleaners and Solvents

A box full of ICS odor eliminator products that are green, safe, and pet friendly

Odor Eliminators